Applying to bring film personnel to New Zealand

Information from the New Zealand Film Comission about bringing production cast, crew and associated travellers to New Zealand.

international film crew

New Zealand’s border is currently closed to all but two groups of travellers:

  • people to whom the border closure doesn’t apply - returning New Zealand citizens and residents, for example
  • people who Immigration New Zealand considers have a critical purpose while the border is closed. This group includes some film cast, crew and associated travellers.

Productions (ie. employers) can apply for border exemptions to bring critical workers to New Zealand using the online form at

Productions can put in one border exemption request for all the employees they believe to have a critical purpose to come into New Zealand. This includes cast, crew and associated travellers (e.g. partners, dependent children).

In the assessment of applications, Immigration New Zealand will determine if the employees you have applied for meet a ‘less than/more than 6-month’ criteria. If your application states that your employees are undertaking a time-critical role for work which brings significant wider benefits to the national or regional economy, the assessment will consider the amount of economic stimulus your production will bring for New Zealand. This includes, but is not limited to, an assessment of how many people you would like to bring into the country in relation to the number of jobs the production will create for New Zealanders, and in relation to how much money the production is likely to spend in New Zealand.

You’re welcome to speak with the NZFC about including supplementary information in your application - please email [email protected].


Border entry fact sheet