COVID-19 Health and Safety Standards for Screen Productions

Film permits can be issued during Alert Levels 3 and 2 but you will need to have specific Covid-19 health and safety plans in place

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to tell people about my filming or production getting started?

Yes. You’ll need to register your project with WorkSafe first, before your permit can be approved. You will also be required to carry out a letter drop in the area you are filming.

In Alert Level 3 we would also advise informing the Police ahead of time, where and what you’re filming, if there are complaints or concerns raised by the public about gatherings of people in public spaces.

How is this any different to my normal production health and safety plans?

On top of regular health and safety considerations, your plan needs to include the measures in place for your production to operate safely at alert levels 3 and 2. Resuming work during these alert levels requires you to follow all public health directives issued by the Ministry of Health for workplaces, including having appropriate hygiene plans, physical distancing assurances and limited contact with crew members or the general public.

It is your responsibility to make sure all public health and hygiene requirements are communicated clearly to your crew, before they return to a production location.

If my film permit is approved during Alert Levels 3 and 2, does that mean I can resume production as usual?

No. All production crews are required to follow the Ministry of Health public health guidelines for workplaces in each Alert Level.

Level 3 restrictions include:

  • All production crew members who can work from home, should work from home
  • No close contact shoots (i.e. intimate or physical scenes between talent)
  • Production at closed or controlled workplaces only
  • Only using essential equipment

Level 2 restrictions include:

  • Maintaining physical distancing measures where possible
  • Crew to sign health declarations before commencing production

When can I carry out filming with talent, including close-contact scenes?

In Alert Level 2, your production crew will be able to sign health declarations, saying to the best of their knowledge they have no physical symptoms of any illness. However, all production crew members may question or choose not to break physical distancing recommendations on set if they feel unsafe. A register of crew working on your production must also be kept up to date for contact tracing purposes.

Am I still able to get public liability insurance for my production during Covid-19 restrictions?

Yes. Covid-19 restrictions do not affect public liability.