Wellington Botanic Garden

Established in 1868, the tranquil 25 hectare Wellington Botanic Garden is one of the oldest botanic gardens in New Zealand.

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Location details

Key features

Variety of location options
Located by Wellington CBD

Situated within

20km to Avalon Studios
8km to Stone Street Studios
Within Wellington travel zone

Location access


Other detail

No vehicles permitted
Costs associated with on-site filming
Public area
Seasonal restrictions
Require 5 days notice

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The Wellington Botanic Gardens are 25 hectares of native forest, plant collections, seasonal displays, and an extensive rose garden, located in the middle of the Wellington CBD

The Gardens are immaculately maintained year-round and there are numerous sculptures, a childrens play ground, fountains, lawns and a duck pond.

Quickest access to the gardens via the city is by the Wellington Cable car, a funicular railway rising 120 m (394 ft) over a length of 612 m (2,008 ft). Panoramic views of Wellington can be seen from the lookout.

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