A World-Class Screen Industry

When it comes to the screen industry, Wellington's infrastructure and people are world-class.

When you choose to make your production here, whether it's big or small or something in between, you're only a phone call away from Academy Award-winning crew, purpose-built TV and film studios, state-of-the-art post-production, VFX and mixing facilities, and amazing talent to helm the cutting edge technology.

The Wellington value chain

While our screen industry's hub is nestled on the Miramar peninsular, the wider ecosystem spreads right across the region. Alongside screen-friendly regional councils and the public, there's a broad range of businesses to support and enhance your production experience.

From big companies catering to SFX and high-end post-production through to niche boutiques that can amplify your digital engagement, Wellington's end-to-end value chain extends far above and beyond the usual production process. And they’re all within a short drive from each other!

Talented workforce

Wellington’s creative and technical workforce is second to none. There are several thousand contractors working in the screen industry here, and crew networks are extensive. You'll easily find crew with experience in principal photography, VFX, miniatures, model making, and countless other areas. And New Zealand's talent and crew capability are flexible - key heads of departments and crew will move to wherever they're needed.

Camera, grip and lighting crews

among the best in the world

The camera, grip and lighting crews in Wellington are considered to be some of the best and most innovative in the world.

They're consistently involved in some of the biggest and more technically challenging films ever made, inventing new technology and solutions, and training others to use it. All this serves to make Wellington an amazing technical melting pot.

Casting and talent

Wellington also has globally-accessible casting facilities. Companies like StarNow were founded in Wellington and are now active in over 10 markets globally. You'll find numerous Academy- and Emmy Award-winning casting directors working in Wellington, all of whom are seasoned, creative collaborators with a reputation for discovering some of the world’s greatest talent.

UNESCO City of Film

Wellington was named a Creative City of Film by UNESCO in November 2019, one of just 18 members in the worldwide UNESCO City of Film network. This official designation is a testament to the dedication and creativity of those who choose to live and create here.

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