Wellington Screen Industry

Wellington has everything you need to bring your TV, film, gaming or interactive media to fruition, all within easy reach

From premier sound stages and high-end post-production to niche boutique studios, the infrastructure and people in Wellington's screen industry are world-class. Best of all, they're all within easy reach.

"Wellington is a great place to bring a middle-sized budget show - it has the talent, it has the studios… we have Avalon, we have Lane St Studios [now open], and clearly the locations to be able to recreate the likes of LA and Iowa" says Mr. Corman producer Pamela Harvey-White.


Unique urban, coastal and rural landscapes offer you a world of locations in one compact destination, all within an hour's drive of Wellington's international airport and production facilities.

From Wellington's inner-city transforming into 1920s New York to forests and regional parks becoming mythical worlds, Wellington's diverse locations have made an ideal base for countless award-winning international and local productions.

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